Pruittville’s Taffy


GCH Pruittville's RM Taffy 1*M


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Sire: GCH +B Price O The Field Royal Marcus 93EEE

SS: CH Price O The Field Monarch 90EEE

SD: SGCH Price O The Field Lady Regina 92EEEE

Dam: CH Pruittville's Carmel Corn 92EEEE

DS: Blissberry Mr. Goodbar 88VVE

DD: Pruittville's Luke's Tiramisu

We drove to Tim Pruitt’s  (Pruittville Farms) to pick up a buckling and noticed a two-day-old doeling in a pen by herself. She was very striking so we asked Mr. Pruitt “who is that”? Mr. Pruitt went on to say, she is a very special AI doeling that has a promising future.  We liked her so much we asked Tim if he would be interested in selling her. He declined so we told him if she was ever available to consider us.

Several months passed and we were once again driving back to Mr. Pruitt’s farm to purchase semen. On the way, we learned Mr. Pruitt made the decision to disperse his herd. When we got to the farm, the first thing on our agenda was to ask about the doeling we fell in love with several months earlier. Mr. Pruitt told us she was available so without hesitation we bought her. We walked to the pasture where she was being housed with several older does and yearlings. One doeling really stood out from the others; Mr. Pruitt pointed at her and said, “there she is, that is Taffy”.

Taffy won Reserve Champion as a yearling at the Lookout Mountain Dairy show and then won Grand at The Carrollton Classic, which was a very competitive show.

We held our breath waiting on her to kid hoping for a great mammary. She did not disappoint, she had a single buckling and her mammary was fantastic. Her attachment, teat placement, medial and fore-udder were all just as we hoped. She lacked a little in capacity since she was a first freshner but we knew that would come later.

Taffy turned three and her mammary blossomed. She won reserve champion at the Mississippi Goat Association show under Mark Baden. Taffy then won Grand Champion in both rings at Lookout Mountain Show and then won Best Doe in Show in both Rings. Taffy is undefeated in her class in every show she has ever attended.

Show Wins

Grand Champion at the Carrollton, GA Show in 2016

Grand Champion and Best Doe in Show at the DeKalb County Show in 2018

Grand Champion and Best Doe in Show at the DeKalb County Show in 2018


Sire: GCH +B Price O The Field Royal Marcus
Sire: GCH +B Price O The Field Royal Marcus
Dam: CH Pruittville's Carmel Corn
Dam: CH Pruittville's Carmel Corn