About Us


Hello! We are Jeremy & Jessica Franks, and we own Cherokee Rose Farm in Tuscaloosa, AL. We raise and show registered Nubian dairy goats.  Our focus is to breed correct, statuesque and  balanced animals.  Our herd is enrolled in DHIA testing and we also participate in Linear Appraisal.  You'll also find several of our animals listed on the Elite Doe lists, the Young Sire Development Program and included in the ADGA Superior Genetics Program.

Herd health is a top priority for us. Our animals are vaccinated against Clostridium Perfringens Types C & D, Tetanus, Mastitis, and Pasteurella for pneumonia. We give supplemental copper boluses and BoSe injections as a source of supplemental selenium. We conduct monthly fecal exams, and de-worm when necessary. We also incorporate Sericea Lespedeza into our pastures to assist with parasite management. We test all animals for CAE yearly.

Our kids are raised on a strict CAE prevention program. We are present at all births to assist with kidding. Kids are hand-raised and bottle-fed from birth. Our kids are fed free-choice pasteurized milk via cooler feeders until weaning. The kids are penned separately from the adults, and receive lots of individual attention. Baycox is used to prevent coccidiosis.

The herd is also protected by our Registered Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dogs, Yeti, Meshonne, Capone, and Freya.