2021-2022 Breeding Plans


Terms of Sale

At Cherokee Rose Farm, we strive to raise show quality dairy goats and offer kids for breeding stock. In order to do this, each year we have to keep replacement stock. We reserve the right to retain any kid born that we think will be needed to further our breeding program even though we have received a deposit. If this should happen, your deposit will be refunded.

PRICING: The prices listed are for pre-ordered kids only, that are picked up by four weeks of age unless other arrangements are made by us. Boarding fees of $5 per day will be applied if kids are not picked up by the designated four-week time period.

RESERVATIONS & DEPOSITS: To reserve a kid, a $100 deposit per kid is required. Reservations are made based on the order in which deposits are received. A reservation is not made until we have received your deposit. If we are unable to fill your order, your deposit may be transferred to another available choice, carried over to the following year, or refunded upon request. If a kid order is canceled (for any reason) after committing to purchase said kid, the deposit, along with any money paid upfront, is forfeited. Nubians can be born any color and we cannot guarantee that kids born will be a specific color or pattern. It is considered a canceled order if a kid is rejected due to color.

PAYMENT: Please make your check payable to Jessica or Jeremy Franks. The balance of your kid order is due within 10 days after notification of birth. Checks must be cleared before animal can be picked up. If the balance is not paid in that time period, and other arrangements have not been made, the kid will be offered to another buyer and the deposit forfeited.

SHIPPING: We always love for people to come and pick up their kids. That way we get to show off our farm and our beautiful herd of dairy goats. However, we realize that is not possible for those who live hundreds of miles away or on the other side of the country, so we do ship from the Birmingham Airport (BHM). Our prices do not include health papers, shipping crate, shipping fees and an airport delivery fee. A shipping advance in the amount of $340 for a single kid and $430 for two kids in a crate is due prior to the time of shipping. ADGA registration papers will be provided to you, the purchaser, following the shipment of your kid or kids and after the final balance has been paid in full.

COLLECTION AGREEMENT: We reserve the option to purchase up to 20 straws of semen for the cost of collection on any buck kid purchased from Cherokee Rose.

GUARANTEE: Genetics cannot be predicted so there is no guarantee on kid purchases. All structural defects as outlined in the ADGA Guidebook (Evaluation of Defects), that might occur in purchased kids, must be brought to our attention immediately. In the event a defect is detected, the buyer shall provide seller with a written report from a licensed veterinarian, concerning said defect. We will then consult with the veterinarian concerning the defect and current condition of the animal and a decision will be made, about replacement or refund. No refunds or replacements after animal turns one year of age. If a replacement or refund is required for any animal we have the option to either offer a replacement animal or issue a refund. Replacement animals will be of the same price range and same sex as the animal being replaced. Also the original registration paperwork must be returned to seller. Because of bio-security concerns, any animal that leaves our farm cannot be returned for any reason. The buyer must make arrangements for re-homing or disposal of said animal. Buyer is responsible for all expenses incurred in the exchange of an animal.

By making an official reservation with a deposit, you accept and agree to our Terms of Sale in its entirety.